Frequently Asked Questions

How long can it take to repair my car from hail damage?

Answer: We can repair most dents within half an hour to an hour. Hail damage can be repaired within two to three days.

What's more important, the technician or the tools for paintless dent repair (PDR)?

Answer: Both of course. Tools are useless without a skilled PDR technician. Our tools help us get the job done quickly and effectively. It takes about two years of training for a technician to learn basic dent and ding repairs and four to eight years to learn hail damage repair.

What are the cons paintless dent repair?

Answer: Sometimes we need to make a small hole to give us leverage to repair the dent. Sadly, some companies take advantage of this to decrease repair time or because they lack skill. We try our best to avoid this approach.

Does PDR damage the paint?

Answer: Mobile Dent Masters are a team of skilled PDR technicians. This means we can fix your dents without damaging your vehicle.

If my car gets hailed or damaged in the future, could I use PDR again?

Answer: Yes. Mobile Dent Masters repaired the same vehicles several times with no issues.

What kind of dent damage you can repair?

Answer: We can fix up to a baseball-sized dent effectively. Of course, the amount of dents and sizes will affect the time it takes to complete the PDR and also change the price. We do repairs quicker than a typical body shop without hurting your vehicle's final paint finish.

What are the pros of using PDR vs traditional repair?

Answer: The main advantage is that PDR doesn't affect your vehicle's paint finish. Therefore your vehicle's value never changes as the affected area appears good as new. Also, PDR is quicker than traditional repair approaches.

Can any part of my vehicle be repaired from dents?

Answer: Most dent damages can be repaired with PDR. It's rare to see a dent that cannot be repaired. This is why we ask for pictures of the damaged area to access how we can repair.

Could the dents come back?

Answer: No. Mobile Dent Masters do an excellent job so that affected area is looking new. We can assure you that once repaired, you'll see no further dents of normal vehicle use.